Are you playing the game to WIN?…

On this adventure of life what is the game you’re playing both personally and professionally?


On this adventure of life what is the game you’re playing both personally and professionally? The first and more common game is Playing Not to Lose – the second and more exciting, more daring, rarer game is the game called Playing to Win!

Playing Not to Lose…

We are bright people, and most of us learned long ago to avoid situations we fear. This could have been situations which we personally experienced or situations we learned through others experiences.

For example, you’ve had a long relationship, you split up – now your mind creates an association of fear and pain with relationships. There’s now a little voice inside your head which says to you: don’t go there again, don’t expose yourself, don’t step outside your comfort zone, and don’t expose yourself to that pain.

In many situations this makes eminent sense. Playing Not to Lose is about avoiding situations where we might lose, fail, be emotionally hurt, or be rejected.

Playing to Win…

Playing to Win is about consciously choosing to not automatically avoid situations in which we might fail, be embarrassed, or rejected.

Why on earth would we consciously choose to do something that could lead to failure, rejection, embarrassment or even worse?

Because our goal is to grow!

Playing to win is about engaging with life, stepping outside your comfort zone, taking calculated risks, learning to become comfortably uncomfortable, learning to thrive on the adventure of life and seeing the unknown as your friend not your foe.

A Conscious Choice…

We choose to play not to lose because we believe our emotional survival is at stake. We choose to play to win in order to learn, grow and thrive. Although it’s not often that black and white, the critical moments of our lives and careers often come down to a choice between the two:

Which are you going to choose today?

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