Why 9 out of 10 businesses default to focusing on the wrong group of people. Are you unknowingly part of this statistic?

An essential part of developing talent within any organisation relies on focusing your time and effort on the right group of people.

How to be a better leader…take a break!

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to calm your mental chatter, re-energise and re-charge.

10 Top leadership quotes

The business arena today requires a new kind of leadership. Why? Businesses are having to do more with less in this fast-paced environment, with increasing competition and demanding customers. Leaders need to be focused, agile, and resilient. These are 10 of the top leadership quotes to inspire you to purposeful leadership.

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

Being a great leader of others starts with being a great leader of self...the inner game of leadership and being able to articulate the answer to questions like; Why should anyone be led by you?

How to develop your leaders and managers, whilst maximising your apprenticeship levy

Can your business afford not to develop your leadership and manager population? If not, why not maximise the funding available from your apprenticeship levy?

Why developing leadership capability must be one of your top three business priorities right now!


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