5 Top tips to re-focus after the holidays and be successful

The summer holidays will soon be over for another year and you’ve probably been away for a break. As we move towards September, it tends to signify a new start.

Do you want to make the most of the opportunities you have for the remainder of 2019? If so, you need to build on the positive energy you had during the summer, look after your wellbeing and set clear goals for the rest of the year.

These are our top 5 Tips:

#1 Re-connect with your WHY – It is easy to lose connection with your WHY when you have been away from work on holiday. To get your head in the right space for success, it is important to understand and re-connect with WHY you do what you do every day, so you get that emotional connection and set yourself up for success.

Having a compelling WHY will re-ignite your professional purpose and give you a clear definition of success.

#2 Get enough sleep – this sounds such a simple tip, but in reality, how many of us fully consider the impact that not getting enough sleep really can have? Lack of sleep makes such a difference to your performance and productivity at work. Sleep is essential for cognitive skills such as communicating, memory and creativity. All things we need to be able to do effectively if we are going to be successful professionally and personally.

#3 Develop your resilience – To set yourself up for success for this year and beyond, resilience is key. Resilience doesn’t mean being blindly optimistic, but it does mean living in a state of reality. Have you ever have a difficult situation at work where you have left it to sort itself out? Or, did you confront the reality head on?

Being able to confront reality and be a pragmatic optimist is a trait shared by executives at all the most successful companies. The sooner you understand and accept the reality of a situation, the easier it is to confront it and bounce back from it, which is resilience! Try it next time you have a difficult situation or conversation to have at work.

#4 Set yourself goals – Having a direction will help you focus on what you need to do to make the rest of 2019 a success. Where focus goes, energy flows!

We all need goals to work towards, to challenge and drive us towards success. Always write your goals down. This creates a link between the conscious and unconscious mind and is incredibly powerful.

You’ve probably come across the idea of SMART goals before; Specific, Measureable, Achievable or Actionable, Realistic and Timely. If you want to make your goals really work for you, try adding in an extra element. Makes your goals Challenging, so they stretch you beyond where you’re comfortable.

#5 Don’t procrastinate – You can either be dis-engaged because your holiday is over and you’re back at work, or you can focus on all that you can achieve in the next few months and have an attitude of action. We all procrastinate from time to time and when you’ve had a holiday, it can be tempting to put off those more challenging tasks, but when we don’t take action, we can sabotage our own success.

There are always reasons to put off doing something; we’re too busy, too stressed, too inexperienced. Most of the time these are excuses. To set yourself up to be truly successful for the remainder of this year and beyond, take action and achieve your goals!

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