Build a talent pipeline…focus on the two P’s, Performance and Potential

Talent is about an individual’s performance combined with their longer-term potential.

To build and develop an effective talent pipeline it’s important to have a clear understanding of what talent means to your organisation and what you require from your people, not just today, but in the future. Talent is about an individual’s performance, combined with their longer-term potential.


Looking at an individual’s performance and potential allows you to assess the impact they are having in their current role, as well as their capability and motivation to achieve success in current and future roles.

Performance is about the WHAT and the HOW.  WHAT are people doing to meet their targets and objectives?  How are they demonstrating the behaviours and living the company values?

If you can get the behaviours right in your team, the delivery of the performance can be much simpler.


When it comes to potential, it is about CAPABILITY and ASPIRATIONS.  Does an individual have the CAPABILITY to grow at the required pace?  Some individuals will reach a natural ceiling in terms of their capability, whereas others will continue to stretch themselves and grow.

Does an individual have the ASPIRATIONS to progress in their career?  Do they have the desire and the will to want to grow and to develop in their career?

Some people will have neither the performance or the potential and these people will probably not last very long in your organisation, but what about the other groups of people?


Those people in your organisation who have both the performance and the potential, are the talent, the ones who maybe the future stars and should be considered for any talent development programmes.

What do you do with those people who have one without the other?


An individual may be a high performer in their current role, but they might not have the capability and/or the aspiration to go any further.


This could be an individual new to a role or department, so they may not have had the opportunity to perform to a high level.  However, this could also be someone who hasn’t been able to perform to their capability yet. They may be in the wrong role.  This group of people could be identified for a talent development programme.

Building and developing your pipeline of talent means you have to take stock of the people within your organisation and identify where they fit within the Two P’s model, so you can decide who to focus on in terms of talent development investment.

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Click here to see one of our Consultants, Danny Gray, giving further insights on this topic.


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