How to develop your leaders and managers, whilst maximising your apprenticeship levy

Can your business afford not to develop your leadership and manager population? If not, why not maximise the funding available from your apprenticeship levy?

According to the Chartered Management Institute, in the UK there are approximately 2.4 million untrained ‘accidental managers’, with poor management costing circa £84 billion a year.  Combine this with the fact that today’s workforce is multi-generational, with each generation having different needs, leading in today’s business arena can be hit or miss unless your leaders and managers know how to get the best from each individual.

Apprenticeships as an Investment

Apprenticeship Standards are focused on the occupation, with apprentices needing to be assessed and prove they can carry out all aspects of their job. This means as an employer, you can be sure that at the end of an apprenticeship, you have the skills you need within your organisation.

For your leaders and managers a leadership apprenticeship offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, develop their career, gain on the job experience and an invaluable qualification.

One of the key elements of apprenticeships is the minimum requirement for all apprentices to spend 20% of their working time on off-the-job training. This must take place within their normal, paid working hours.

You may be thinking that this sounds like a challenge, but we work with numerous clients on this and this means we have been able to find innovative and practical solutions that make this realistic and achievable.  Not only is it achievable, but it can deliver real benefits and growth for themselves and the business, ensuring the 20% is an investment and not a cost.

The Purposeful Leader

Our Purposeful Leader programme can be aligned to the apprenticeship levy level 3 and level 5 standards, depending on the group and business objectives.

This is a next generation leadership and management programme. In today’s multi-generational business arena, one size of leadership does not fit all.

To be purposeful is to be resilient and have the agility, determination, resolve and focus to succeed.

The Purposeful Leader gives your leaders and managers the mindset, skillset and toolset they need to achieve their personal and professional goals and to deliver results for your organisation. It enables them to lead with clarity, solve complex problems with critical thinking skills and harness emotional intelligence. Your leaders and managers will have a clear vision for where they are going, WHY and how they are going to get there.

The Apprenticeship levy

The great news is that you can fund The Purposeful Leader apprenticeship programme, through your apprenticeship levy.

The Apprenticeship levy was introduced on 6th April 2017. If you are a UK business with an annual wage cost of £3million or more, you will be paying a 0.5% levy on your wage bill, minus an allowance of £15,000. The levy you pay goes into a digital fund, which is topped by an additional 10% paid by the government.

The money in your levy account can then be used to fund apprenticeship training within your organisation. The money has to be used within 24 months, or you will lose it.

Don’t lose this valuable funding source for training. Use it to develop your leaders and managers into more agile, more resilient, more purposeful leaders.

Want to know more about The Purposeful Leader programme?  Click here to download The Purposeful Leader brochure, call us on 0870 850 8931 or email

Want to know more about a typical Level 5 Leadership Apprenticeship journey? Click here for your free level 5 journey map example.


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