Which skills should you be developing in your talent population?

We have been blogging lately on how to identify talent within your organisation. What we will now start to focus on is how you can develop your talent population

One of the things we are passionate about at Pti is a concept called Success Modelling, which features in our RISE, talent development/personal growth programme.

Success Modelling is about fast-tracking success by learning what you can from either other people’s success or the mistakes they have made, minimising your own trial and error.  Of course, we do all need to make some mistakes and test out our own ideas, but fast-tracked success comes from a combination of our own learning and modelling other people’s success.

In line with part of the Success Modelling theory of learning from the experts, when it comes to what skills you should be developing in your talented individuals, why not use trusted research, rather than spending your valuable time on trial and error in terms of the key skills needed.

In 2018, The World Economics Forum released a report titled: The Future of Jobs. Their research states that by 2022, a massive 54% of all employees will require significant re – and upskilling.

The report states that 41% of employers are set to focus their reskilling provision on high-performing employees. This focus on upskilling the talent within an organisation is an investment in the future success of the business, not only does it unlock the potential within your people, it aligns them to the business strategy and increases employee retention.

This list demonstrates how the skills required are changing:

When we talk about talent development, we have already mentioned in previous blogs, the two P’s, Performance and Potential.  What the Word Economic Forum Top 10 skills allows you to do is to map those skills against where your people currently are in terms of performance and what they have the potential to achieve in those skill areas.

Over the next few weeks, we will be linking some of the World Economic Forum top 10 skills against some of the content in our world-class Talent development/Personal growth programme, RISE.  This will support you in bridging the gap between the current performance of your talent population and their potential.

Two decades of working with organisations and individuals globally has resulted in one of the most innovative and leading-edge talent programmes on the market today, focused on unlocking potential, peak performance.

Click here to download the RISE brochure to find out more. 


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