Personal Growth

Transformational visioning and goal setting

Creative thinking and ideas are the starting point for achieving your dreams and goals. Transformational visioning and goal setting is this week's video by Senior Consultant Danny Gray. It takes you through how to set your goals, using creative thinking. One of the key elements is putting yourself in the future. Think from your goals not of them.

Podcast – The Value of Values

We have been blogging lately on how to identify talent within your organisation and what skills you should be looking to develop, according to the World Economics Forum. This podcast from Pti Senior Consultant Danny Gray talks about the important skill of Emotional Intelligence and how this is linked to the values we have.

How we’re wired as human beings

Understanding how we are wired and what makes human beings function as we do, is an essential to communicating with others effectively and managing or leading people.

Why You? The Power of Your Personal Brand

Whether you are a people manager, leader or you want to improve your presence in your role, understanding your personal brand is fundamental to how you interact and coordinate with others.

The Value of Values

As we mentioned in last week's blog, over the next few weeks we will be linking some of the World Economic Forum top 10 skills against some of the content in our world-class Talent development/Personal growth programme, RISE. This will support you in bridging the gap between the current performance of your talent population and their potential.

The first skill we are going to look at is Emotional Intelligence. It takes emotional intelligence to understand what your core values are and how they affect your day to day behaviour, as well as understanding how other people's values may affect their behaviour. Take a look at this video by Senior Consultant Danny Gray.

Which skills should you be developing in your talent population?

We have been blogging lately on how to identify talent within your organisation. What we will now start to focus on is how you can develop your talent population


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