Our Philosophy
Approach to Learning

The science behind learning is something we pride ourselves on at Pti, it is at the heart of everything we do.

Continually developing our knowledge to truly understand the psychology of how people absorb, understand and retain information in a learning environment, before, during and after, is what consistently delivers results for our clients.

When designing our programmes, we know there are two main factors that make the difference between effective and non-effective learning;


When designing content, we also understand it is crucial for your leaders to ‘experience’ the material in live scenario’s wherever possible, therefore all of our modules are created with experiential or action learning in mind! Break-out sessions, debates, live demonstrations, individual and group coaching, games and role play all factor heavily to create an energised, engaging and effective learning environment.


The personalisation of material to your leaders day to day lives, challenges, strengths and weaknesses is at the absolute forefront of our design process. To effectively learn, the human brain needs to wrap new pieces of information to a prior context (work/life scenario) or emotion (positive or negative) in order for us to create lasting memory, think of it like gluing building blocks together. Our comprehensive diagnostics process allows us to establish personal context and emotion way before your leaders even enter the programme.



Once we understand why the programme is needed for your Leaders, their teams and your business and what your objectives are for the development programme, we have a robust yet agile approach to our diagnostics. It is broken down into 3 key areas of focus which we will seek to understand and assess; the business, the culture, and the learner.



Following the thorough diagnostics, it’s time to get back together and begin our collaborative and co-creative approach to designing and building the tailored programme for your Leaders and Managers. Using the insights, data and feedback gained we are able to pinpoint the key areas of development aligned to our 4 stage Connected Leader framework. We select the most relevant content from our library, balancing the amount of time required for each segment and agreeing the relevance and positioning at each stage.



In order to ensure maximum impact and engagement, we deliver our programmes with a blend of modular live workshops (virtual or f2f):

Line Manager Engagement, Pre and Post work, Supporting Resources, Project work, Buddying, Group and Individual Coaching.

Led by one or more of our award winning facilitators and supported by an experienced and dedicated team, who know the individual and collective part they play in ensuring the seamless delivery of your programme for every single learner and your organisation.


Disect and Data.png

One of the key outputs from the diagnostics phase is identifying the existing business data and metrics that we have available to us as well as the areas of measurement required to demonstrate the numerical and/or behavioural impact for the programme. As with the design phase this process is all about collaboration and co-creation ensuring we determine, agree and hold each other to account for delivering the objectives/results of the programme.