Business Growth Consulting

Whether it’s a complete strategic review of your business or focus on a specific area, we will provide you with a challenging, independent view of your business growth strategy. Our Business Growth Consulting can help you with a wide range of business challenges, including:

The universal principles of business growth are not complex – people over engineer and make them complicated. At the core of our business growth thinking is simplicity simplifying the agenda – the thread that runs through what we do and how we do it.

Built to Grow Consulting

Fast track your success, avoid the common pitfalls and reduce the timeline in delivering accelerated, sustained and profitable growth in your business.

If you asked a cross-section of business leaders, business owners and entrepeneurs what their biggest challenge is, you would probably hear the same recurring thought: growing their business in a sustainable, predictable, yet profitable way, quickly.

The Business Growth Transformation Framework® is a proven, systematic and grounded approach to how you can achieve this, as used in the best-selling book, Built to Grow, written by Pti Worldwide’s CEO, Royston Guest.

It’s a reality that most businesses and individuals never reach their full potential, always yearning for the ‘thing’ that will catapult them into significance, but never really finding it.

Great businesses do not become great by accident.

Building a High Performing Organisation

You’ll know a high performing organisation when you see one. It’s how they think, feel and act which sets them apart.

The challenge with business today is there is such a short-term focus. As leaders we are guardians of the company – the question is what are you building today and what will you leave for future generations?

Are you building a high performing sustainable legacy organisation where people are proud to come to work, customers are proud to be associated with and investors proud to invest in because they see the potential and will reap the benefits of their investment?

Our specialism is helping you to realise that goal using our high performing organisation methodology and dynamics tools.

Business Process Mapping

Two thirds of all business improvement opportunities lie hidden in undefined, broken or poorly executed processes.

The Pti Business Process Mapping Methodology™ defines, innovates, and aligns business processes to enhance customer experience, mitigate risk and create the foundation for accelerated, sustainable and profitable business growth.

For over a decade now Clients call us when they are in pain, processes are broken, they’re missing performance metrics and SLA’s on customer service, productivity is low or they have massively inefficient or ineffective systems which need streamlining.

Or…the upside side, they are in growth mode and need robust ways of working to ensure they are leveraging and harnessing the power of all their resources, creating a solid foundation to deliver the growth agenda.

We have one of the most innovative and leading-edge business process mapping methodologies in the market today, backed up by an elite team of process architects all focused on delivering business transformation and peak performance.


Delivering Transformational Change

How to sustain the gain when implementing change.

Whether you’re implementing a set of new behaviours, new ways of working or undertaking a complete review of your business processes, it is change.  A change to status quo, a change to how things get done.

Some individuals will respond with enthusiasm and delight, roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. Others will silently but effectively attempt to derail the change, and of course there will be others that sit somewhere in between.

Unfortunately, most organisations do not deliver change effectively. Why? Because they don’t have a proven approach to delivering transformational change.

An approach that challenges organisations, Leaders and Business Professionals leading the change to think consciously, deliberately and systematically about the steps in the change journey, and to diagnose quickly where they’re at, at any given point in time.

A common language that everyone in the business understands and aligns to and a framework which enables people with the Mindset, skillset and toolset to embrace change – see it as a friend not a foe, an opportunity not a threat. hether you’re implementing a set of new behaviours.


Let's Talk about how Business Growth Consulting can help grow your business and make critical decisions regarding your organisation and people
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