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It's all in the title,

Danny Gray and Luke Hall created this podcast to give you the opportunity to STOP and take some time to develop yourself as a Leader. Why? Because your people need you to be the best version of yourself, which requires boundless amounts of energy and a commitment to continuous development. 

Having spent the last 9 years working together, Danny and Luke love to waffle and talk about all things people development.

Click a topic below  that catches your eye, or just make your way through them all!

Our Podcast 
' Stop! Your people need you '

Series 1
Episode 1
Episode 4.

All the great things happen outside of your comfort zone!

Episode 13.

Should you be looking for discretionary effort? (Part 2)

Il est souvent tentant de trouver une so
Episode 16.

How will virtual technology work for Leaders in the future? (Part 2)

Episode 5.

Don't let December be a missed opportunity

Episode 14.

Change the mindset of your team in 45 seconds

Series 2