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A business built on intelligence and insight that drives employee engagement and improves business performance.

With over 20 years of people development experience they know exactly what it takes to really understand what will unlock the potential in your people and enable them to bring the best versions of themselves to work each and every day.

A personalised digital home that allows the business or user to connect software and communications with people like never before.


Huler allows the business to also see what systems, sites and software are used most whilst dynamically reacting to user trends. Having everything in one place allows the business to increase productivity and improve employee experience with a focus on user wellbeing - reducing the fatigue of digital burnout.


Our Partners

At Illuminate they recognise that work gives us a strong sense of purpose and purpose is vital for our mental health and wellbeing.

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Through understanding the values and culture of your organisation they deliver straightforward, practical and evidence-based solutions in an empathic, engaging and reinforced way.

They enable forward-thinking companies to create happy, engaged and productive workplaces that are proactive about mental health and wellbeing, through a range of training, facilitation and consultancy support.

Wot the Book! A book club with a difference! 

Join the club to access development sessions with 6 thought leaders on a subject of your choice, a community of people to learn and grow with, 12 months of curated content and endless opportunities to switch off relax and learn through the power of books!