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Built to Grow is destined to become your handbook, your go to guide, your roadmap to accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth.

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“Packed with practical strategies, tools and ideas, backed up with real world case studies to illustrate what can be achieved”

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“A non-nonsense book that’s got real strategy advice”

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“Practical insights without the techno buzzwords”

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“If there is a formula to growing your business fast then this might be it…”

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For business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs, finding ways to grow their business in a sustained, predictable and profitable way remains an ongoing challenge. Whilst many find themselves struggling against a climate of uncertainty, change and low productivity, others simply fail to turn their founding vision into something more concrete. Built to Grow offers businesses a blueprint for success.

Built to Grow Custom Edition Books

If you are looking to create that unique experience for either your clients or your internal teams have you considered Custom Edition Built to Grow books? We can create a bespoke edition of Built to Grow with a redesigned front cover to tie in with your branding, photo inserts, a foreword from the CEO – all personalised to your business. We’d love to talk through the options available. Please contact the Pti team.          

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