High Performing Sales

The lifeblood of an organisation starts with sales!

Building a High Performing Sales Organisation

Who works in sales in your business?

Who works in sales in your business?

A simple question?

The natural responses come to mind; our front line customer facing people, our account managers, our telesales teams, our service support teams….the list could go on.

The most succinct answer to this question should be…everyone.

Every business professional should be familiar with sales concepts, theories and techniques. Everyone should understand how sales turn into revenue and revenue can turn into profit. Everyone has a vested interest in profit.

Building a high performing sales organisation adopts this mindset as each and every employee has the ability to positively impact the company’s sales.

Who works in sales in your business? ‘Grow’ your sales team and empower individuals in your business to contribute to the bottom line.

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Order Takers vs. Sales Professionals

In a competitive market you soon find out which of your people are order takers and which are true consultative sales professionals.

The correlation between sales and revenue means there are no places to hide.

Do you have the right people doing the right things at the right time, armed with the mindset, skillset and toolset to deliver consistent peak performance?

Are your Leaders ‘enablers’, transforming your business success, or ‘blockers’, knocking you back five steps in unlocking the growth in your people and the potential in your business?

Growing world-class Sales Leaders and Managers for today…and for the future is essential. Competition is relentless, customer choice is abundant and loyalty is being replaced with best price / best deal / best anything.

A consultative, relational approach to understanding customer needs and aligning the right product and service to meet them is critical. The ‘single shop’ transactional order will only get you just that, an order. Yes, you’ll receive the revenue and you’ll have a completed order, but what else? When will the customer need your product or service again, how can you follow this up, how can you secure this for next time?

Clients often refer to us as being their critical friend. A fresh pair of eyes and ‘confidant’ who asks challenging, probing and sometimes difficult questions in order to help create and implement their compelling strategy for accelerated and sustainable sales and business growth.

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The Inspirational Sales Leader

Inspirational Sales Leaders want to be the best they can be, whether its maximising their own potential, leading the business or unlocking the potential in their people.

The Inspirational Sales Coach

Inspirational Sales Coaches focus their efforts on the ‘Top 20% A players' to consistently hit top gear and peak performance. They nurture, coach and develop the 'Middle 70%' and effectively manage the 'Bottom 10%'.

CONTACT ® Selling Skills

A ‘world-class’ sales professional stands aside from the rest. They become the trusted 'partner of choice’ for their customers and clients.

Strategic Account Development

Think the 80/20 principle. Strategically analyse your customer value and profitability, and generally 20% of customers produce 80% of the contribution.


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