The Inspirational Sales Leader

Program Overview

One of the single most competitive advantages for businesses is their ability to grow, nurture and develop their Sales Leadership and Management capability faster than the competition…future business success depends on it!

In a competitive market where there is greater demand on businesses, people and resources, Sales Leaders play a critical and ever increasing role in maximising the performance of their teams, and ultimately the business.

The Inspirational Sales Leader is a series of modules which gives you complete flexibility on timings, duration, and personalisation to suit your business and people.

The ‘Inspirational Sales Leader’ can be delivered all modules together, as a combination, or individually in focused ‘bite size’ sessions. They can be incorporated into your current in-house programme or run as a stand alone, tailored to reflect the differing levels of capability from foundation to competence to excellence. Each module is available for delivery as an innovative, m-learning blended solution supporting the needs of today’s multi-location businesses and remote based teams.

Who is it for ? 

Benefits to you (and your organisation)

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