Strategic Account Development

Programme overview

Today’s marketplace demands a sophisticated team of sales professionals who think strategically when creating and implementing solutions for their customers. To act strategically, Account Managers must know marketplace trends, assess competitive, complex selling situations from multiple points of view, and know which questions to ask, who is impacted, and who are potential resources.

Then, having grasped the external environment, their goal as a world-class Strategic Account Manager is to develop and offer bespoke solutions rather than products, differentiate their company from its competitors, de-commoditise their products and services, whilst offering an exceptional customer experience.

Your Strategic Account Managers must be dynamic LEADERS able to execute these role requirements, confidently serving as the central point of contact for their customer’s executives and stakeholders.

‘Strategic Account Development’ is a series of modules giving you complete flexibility on timings, duration, and personalisation to suit your business and people.

With these four parts forming the framework, the modules within each part can be delivered all together or individually in focused ‘bite-size’ sessions. ‘Strategic Account Development’ can be incorporated and aligned with any current programmes or run as a standalone and can be tailored to reflect the different levels of sales professionals, Account Managers and individuals within your business.

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