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“One of the single most competitive advantages for businesses today is their ability to grow, nurture and develop their leadership and management capability faster than the competition…future business success depends on it!”

Developing a Leadership Culture

Culture is KING…build it, nurture it and most importantly never stop developing it!

Your competition will copy your products if they’re good. They’ll copy your services. They’ll copy your branding. They may even try to poach your people. But, there is one thing they will never be able to copy and that’s your culture.

Your culture is the very thing that makes your business and organisation special, distinct and unique…or not as the case might be! Your culture is what sets the standard and then drives the standard of behaviour…it’s your competitive edge. Your culture shares what’s acceptable, what’s important and what your organisation values: honesty, innovation, candor, going that extra mile for customers.

We want to go to work each day and feel part of a community – one of the deepest psychological needs of a human being is the need for belonging.

We want to work for a business which values us, promotes our personal growth & development and makes us feel like we are contributing to something much bigger.

Leadership is everyone’s responsibility (after all, life is about self-leadership), its not just the role of Managers and Leaders defined by their job profile or business card. In every business, every person plays a part in building and enhancing the culture.

Leadership is not about title…it’s about actions.

To secure your position as a world-class organisation, every single person in your business must ‘demonstrate’ leadership behaviours, regardless of his or her role. The race is on to grow leaders, team members and colleagues, and develop a leadership culture before your competitors do.

It’s a way of thinking, with every individual in your business operating from a solid core of personal ownership, responsibility and accountability for their actions and results.

Where everyone thinks, feels and acts like ‘it’s MY business’….

  • Enterprising, entrepreneurial and pro-active
  • Focused on the solutions rather than the problems (the glass is definitely half full not half empty!)
  • Do whatever it takes to be part of the legacy to build a world-class business
  • Are concerned about results and outcomes, and do their part to reduce costs
  • Take personal ownership for achieving results that move the business forward
  • Shape culture, stay positive and lead by example

Where are you on the journey in creating a high performing leadership culture?

Developing a Leadership culture does not just happen over night, it takes focus, commitment, and requires consistency of thought and action.

What stage of the journey are you in creating a high performing leadership culture…infancy, adolescence or maturity?

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Developing Talent Management

Talent is when someone knows what to do when they don’t know what to do…it’s about sound judgement.

Talent is a scarce resource. The battle for talent means we are entering a new age, the ‘human age’, where the ability to optimise an individual’s potential will be every organisation’s key competitive differentiator and advantage.

People are critical to an organisation’s success. Identifying, building, developing and retaining talent must be a key priority for any organisation to enhance business growth and profitability.

To be successful, organisations must link its talent management and the way it manages and develops it’s people with the company’s mission, vision, values and business strategy.

A four stage framework to support your talent management strategy.

Stage One – Identifying the talent gap

Does your organisation align it’s business growth strategy, vision and values with a clear people and talent strategy for business success?

Stage Two – Building a robust talent pipeline

Are you unlocking potential and harnessing talent internally, and selectively recruiting externally?

Stage Three – Growing and developing talent

Have you got the right people in the right jobs at the right time – with the right mindset, skillset and toolset to drive sustainable peak performance?

Stage Four – Retaining talent

Are you locking the back door of your business firmly shut?

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Developing Inspirational Leaders

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are an Inspirational Leader!

Today’s Leaders and Managers operate in a very different climate than at any other point in time, driven by unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty.

In a competitive market where there is greater demand on businesses, people and resources, Leaders play a critical and ever increasing role in maximising the performance of their teams, and ultimately the business.

It is essential they are armed with the tools, the confidence and the skills to be the best they can be in maximising their own potential, leading the business and unlocking the potential in their people.

Whilst there are universal and time tested foundation principles of leadership – the application of these principles in today’s fast moving and dynamic environment requires a new way of thinking, new skills and new tools.

Focused on the practical application of leadership, and what works in the real world of business, we have developed the Inspirational Leader framework based on three key components:

  • I Lead Myself – The Inspired Leader
  • I Lead the Business – Building a high performing team and business
  • I Lead Others – Unlocking potential and unleashing success

With leadership development for all levels of leadership within your business:

  • Leaders of the organisation – Executive & Senior Leadership
  • Leaders of Leaders – Senior & Middle Managers
  • Leaders of people – First Level Management, Team Leaders and Supervisors

Developing Inspirational Leaders

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The Inspirational Leader

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