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Two decades of working with organisations and individuals globally has resulted in one of the most innovative and leading edge programmes on the market today, focused on unlocking people potential, personal transformation and peak performance.

livingyourfuture™ is about placing your people firmly in the driver’s seat of their lives, with both hands on the wheel, guided by an internal satnav, knowing exactly where you’re going and who and what you want to become on the journey.

Designed on a modular basis to give you complete flexibility on timings, duration of modules and personalisation to suit your business and people.

10 modules to challenge, probe and take individuals far outside of their comfort zone:



This modular programme can be delivered together as a combination or individually in focused ‘bite size’ 60 – 90 minute sessions. They can be incorporated into your current programmes or run as a standalone, tailored to reflect the diverse roles of your employees and also differing levels of capability from foundation to competent to excellence.

livingyourfuture™ is an innovative, m-learning, 70:20:10 blended solution designed to accommodate the needs of today’s multi-location businesses and remote based teams.

How will your people think, feel and act after attending livingyourfuture™?


In contrast to the ‘hot bath’ effect where people feel motivated and inspired for 48 hours and then slip back into their old habitual routine, livingyourfuture™ creates lasting habitual behavioural change and locks in methods of ensuring that individual performance is always maintained at peak.

Who is the programme for ?

One of the key benefits of livingyourfuture™ is its broad application as an integral part of your overall people development strategy;


Whether your need is to develop your key leadership or management teams, accelerate performance across your entire employee population, fast-track new inductees, sharpen the focus of your graduate programme, raise the game of under-performers or move your top performers into an even higher gear, livingyourfuture™ can help ALL your people consistently hit and maintain peak performance.

10 benefits of investing in livingyourfuture™

  1. Increased company loyalty, as individuals and teams see their company is investing in them professionally and personally, helping them to focus on what they want to become and providing them with the life skills and mental tools to succeed
  2. It’s a tried, tested and proven formula for unlocking people potential
  3. It’s results focused with a tangible return on investment, delivering business transformation through personal employee transformation
  4. You’ll harness the motivations of individuals who will take personal ownership for their actions, life and subsequent results
  5. Reduced absenteeism, sickness and stress related issues
  6. Increased employee focus, confidence and personal resilience
  7. Reduced differential performance with individuals achieving consistent peak performance
  8. More of your people hitting or exceeding individual performance targets…more often!
  9. Increased retention of your people (particularly top performers through talent academies)
  10. livingyourfuture™ will create lasting habitual and behavioural change for sustained peak performance and business success


In short, livingyourfuture™ delivers a tangible return on investment for your business and your people.


This stuff is powerful. All these tools are perfectly fitting together and the last few days have revolutionised the way I think. I want to thank you for the livingyourfuture™ session, as it quite simply was THE most important training session of my life so far – Apprentice


livingyourfuture™ opens your eyes and heart to achieving your own goals whether they are personal or professional. It allows you the time to reflect and plan on how you will achieve success. Food for thought and insightful. Guaranteed to learn something new about yourself! – L&D Manager


livingyourfuture™ is an outstanding concept, brilliantly delivered. It will make a positive difference to your personal and professional life – Managing Director



Start living the life you were meant to lead

The livingyourfuture personal effectiveness programme brings to life all the key principles, strategies, ideas and tools from personal transformation book RISE: Start living the life you were meant to lead.


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