Our collaborative, co-creative approach doesn’t just apply to our Clients, it runs through our organisation as the backbone of our culture. NBA player and coach, Phil Jackson summarises this concept perfectly when he said; 

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” 

We all bring different qualities, skills and knowledge from various backgrounds and industries however the collective that unites us is our passion for people and their development, specifically leadership and management.

We know the difference a great leader can have on an individual, on a team and on an organisation and being part of the journey is what drives each and everyone of us each and every day!

Young Businesswomen


Managing Director

Luke oversees all business operations, develops new and maintains positive and trust-based partnerships with our clients, driving strategic company growth and overall performance of the business.


An established Business Growth Consultant, in 2012, Luke co-founded the Pti Worldwide Business Process Mapping Methodology™ working with clients on creating business/cultural transformation through operational excellence and Client Journey Mapping.

Having studied NLP, he is a Business Coach, working with individuals to reach their true potential in both their personal and business lives. He is also a Non-Exec Director for our partner organisation Intel Insights.

On the 28th February 2020 along with Business Partner Kate Bowers, Luke completed a Management buy out of Pti Worldwide and assumed the role of Managing Director.



Our Mission: 'To be recognised by our clients as industry leaders globally, for the delivery of psychology and people led, leadership & management, live learning solutions'

Our Guiding Principles: Our guiding principles are what give us the kind of feeling that makes work, more than just…work. These run through everything we do, whether we're delivering a programme, consulting on a strategy, or the way in which we treat each other, our clients and our suppliers. We like to think these are the reasons our clients keep coming back to us, and why our people love working with us!


To be clear in communication is everything. When clarity is achieved assumptions are avoided and expectations are met first time, making everything quicker, easier and more successful.


Connections are what makes the world go around at Pti! Connections to our clients, our stakeholders & our learners, our industry, our craft, each other and to our mission.


It’s what give us the edge in everything that we do! Small, incremental changes or large, rip up the rule book and start again scenarios. Curiosity keeps our minds, our passion and our solutions fresh, relevant and strong.


When we embark on a project, whether our first with a client or our 5th, our commitment to our relationship, our goals and the results we achieve is unwavering. The same goes for our team, we are committed to our people, their lives and their dreams.

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