Why Choose Us

1. Our experience
brings performance

Spanning over 2 decades, 27 countries and engaging with tens of thousands of businesses, organisations, Leaders, Managers and individuals across a multitude of sectors, enterprises and governments, our core mission has remained constant: delivering accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth through unlocking the real potential of individuals.

It’s powerful when you can talk with Clients about what you have done and are doing as opposed to what you can do.

Today it’s not difficult to find a consultancy or training provider. A cursory Google search will uncover thousands of options of varying quality. The challenge is finding a provider who is the real deal, backed up with results founded on real-world testing. It’s certainly true that you have little interest in your business being a guinea pig, and that’s where the ultimate strength of Pti lies.

Through the rich case studies, built up from working with a diverse portfolio of Clients, ranging from large blue-chip organisations to SMEs, education establishments to charities you can be certain you’re choosing a partner with a proven track record of delivering results and growing businesses and unlocking people potential.

2 . Chemistry & Cultural Fit

Whilst a proven track record of performance is a pre requisite, our Clients often tell us that one of the key elements essential to the success of our partnership is the chemistry & cultural fit between our organisations.

It’s not just about what you do in life, it’s about how you do it and the driving force that underpins both these facets through a compelling WHY.

Our WHY is driven by our insatiable thirst and relentless pursuit in making a positive difference for our Clients every day whether growing their business or unlocking their people potential – both facets working together hand in hand.

The filters, which drive our behaviour, our PACT values:

In Pti you’ll know you have a trusted partner who is the real deal

As one Client so aptly summarized; “Pti are a low maintenance partner who really do lead and drive the agenda – exactly what we’re looking for in a partnership”

So if what we do and how we do it aligns culturally with your thinking and organisation we would love to hear from you. Let’s talk.

3. Our real world approach

We understand it’s a tough market to operate in and you need someone you can trust, who will deliver what they say, with the results to show for it. With our broad experience across industries, functions and geographies, we talk our clients’ language, understand their business and deliver tangible results.

We have a practical, grounded, real world approach of what works in the REAL world of business – proven strategies to accelerate and fast track your success. It’s our unique experience in blending theory with on the ground practical ‘real world’ applied learning – resulting in lasting habitual change and sustained business performance.

Due to the confidentiality of certain assignments we can not always reference specific case study examples on our website. We will be more than happy to discuss your needs, and where applicable share relevant case studies directly with you.

Read our case studies and discover how we made a difference for our clients and how we could make a difference for you.


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