Case Study:


Curo’s customer experience strategy set out to determine their key 11 Curo customer moments of truth (e.g. I want to rent a home, I can’t pay my rent, I am homeless, I need a repair, etc.), and to develop them to deliver consistent and great customer experiences when it really matters most to their customers

Pti were chosen as the partner for Curo to create the end of end customer journey and process maps to ensure new ways of working became habitual and consistent.

Project overview

‘To Be’ Customer Journey Maps (output 1)

A one day workshop defined the Curo ‘To Be’ customer journey, and identified the various elements of what it looks and feels like to be a customer:

‘As Is’ process mapping (output 2)

After the ‘To Be’ customer journey mapping workshop, Pti spent 8 weeks directly in the business mapping all current processes for each customer moment of truth. This was then consolidated into one view reflecting:

‘To Be’ process mapping (output 2)

As each change programme was implemented, ‘to be’ process mapping is undertaken and is continually referenced to the new moment of truth journey map ensuring new and improved customer experiences are implemented. All the while working in partnership with Curo’s OD team to help ensure the changes are embedded and the benefits are realised.


“Curo selected Pti Worldwide because they quickly demonstrated they understood the critical role our colleagues played in delivering our customer experience strategy, and were genuinely excited about working with us to help us define and bring to life our key customer journeys – our Curo ‘Moments of Truth’.

Pti Worldwide invested much time ensuring they got to know the people in our business and understand where they all were at in terms of their buy-in and support of our strategy. They set up and facilitated workshops to define our customer journeys – they focused on the reality our customers experienced as opposed to our documented policy and procedures, and encouraged participants to talk about what our customers experience; understand why things happened the way they do and the outcomes that customers and colleagues actually see. These sessions were open, honest and frank but were never sessions to blame others – this was about understanding what actually happens and allowed teams to see the customer journey end to end – most colleagues appreciate the customer journey from only their bit of the process. These sessions also generated many, many, ideas about how colleagues could improve the customer experience – and this really got colleagues excited because they realised they had the answers.

A tangible output from this process was the introduction of a new customer focused language set – phrases were introduced to explain the importance of key steps of the customer journey, and how we ensure we can deliver great experience – it really encourages our colleagues to think ‘like a customer’ and already these phrases are common currency across the business and are proving themselves a great way to help bring teams together with a common goal to improve our customer experience.

After we had mapped our customer journeys, Pti Worldwide remained on hand to help us determine our action plan. They worked closely with the senior leadership and executive team and facilitated an objective, rational, thought provoking and challenging task and finish group to ensure Curo developed clear accountability and a plan of action that would make sure we used the output and insight from the customer journey mapping to make significant improvements to our customer experience.

Since completing the ‘Moments of Truth’ customer journey mapping with Pti Worldwide, we have transformed our neighbourhood management team to deliver a truly customer focused ‘outside in’ service.

I am a huge fan of their people, brand and their perspective they bring and would absolutely recommend Pti Worldwide – a great partner who will work with you to transform your customer experience.”

Paul Ryall-Friend Director, Strategy & Planning Curo


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